TIME CONJUNCTIONS if/unless/when/until/as soon as

TIME CONJUCTIONS: if / unless / when / until / as soon as

A) Circle the correct words

1. I’ll call my mother until / as soon as I get the news about my father.

2. The plane hasn’t landed yet so I’ll wait until / when it arrives.

3. My sister’s going to buy a new computer when / unless she has enough money.

4. You won’t get a driving licence easily if / unless you practice more.

5. If / Until she fails her driving test, she’ll take it again next month.

6. They’ll go for a walk as soon as / unless the weather gets better.

7. He won’t play football until / as soon as he feels better.

8. When / Unless we move to Cunda, I’ll have a room with a sea view.

B) Fill in the blanks with if / unless / until / as soon as.

1. My boss’s coming office at 8.30. I’ll talk to him about my salary __________he arrives.

2. __________ she hurries up, we’ll be late for the match.

3. I can’t buy that car __________my father lend me some money.

4. It’s an exciting game. I’ll call my girlfriend __________it finishes.

5. What will she do ___________she is promoted?

6. __________we can’t find any tickets, we can watch the concert live on TV.

7. Can you look after my parrot ___________I get back from a business trip?

8. Because my father is on the way home, I’ll have to wait ________he gets home because he doesn’t have a spare key.

KEY. A) 1. as soon as  2. until  3. when  4. unless 5. If  6. as soon as  7. until  8. When

B) 1. as soon as  2. Unless  3. unless  4. as soon as  5. if  6. If  7. until  8. until

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