TIME CLAUSES (When, as soon as, until, if, unless)

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Complete these sentences with if, unless, when, as soon as or until.

1.  We’ll never get there on time __________ Sedef gets ready quickly.

2.   I’m so excited.  I’m going to get my skis on _________ we get there!

3.   I’d take that job _________ the salary was better.

4.   I’ll take driving lessons ________ I’ve finished school.  I’m not in a hurry.

5.   I can’t go to the office ________ I’ve found my car keys!

6.    Alex won’t get a birthday present from me __________ I go shopping today.  His birthday is tomorrow.

7.    We won’t be able to buy a new car _________ we’ve saved enough money.

8.   I have to take the pasta out of the water __________ it’s cooked, or it gets too soft and sticky.

9.   We’d go and visit them more often _________ getting there was cheaper.

10.  I’d buy myself an up-to-date iPhone __________ I had a really good job.

KEY: 1. unless  2. as soon as  3. if   4. when  5.  until  6. unless  7. unless 8. when  9. if  10. if

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