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Join the sentences by using while and when.

1) I hurt my knee. I was playing football.

———————————————– . (when)

———————————————-. (while)

2) They were talking about the exam results. The manager came in.

______________________________________________________. (when)

______________________________________________________. (while)

3) Gaye lost her wallet. She was walking in a crowded street.


______________________________________________________. (while)

4) Somebody stole my i-pod. I was speaking to a friend on the phone.

_______________________________________________________. (when)

_______________________________________________________. (while)

5) We were getting ready for the picnic. It started to rain.


_______________________________________________________. (while)


1. I was playing football when I hurt my knee.

While I was playing fotball, I hurt my knee.

2. When the manager came in, they were talking about the exam results.

While they were talking about the exam results, the manager came in.

3. When Gaye lost her wallet, she was walking in a crowded street.

Gaye lost her wallet while she was walking in a crowded street.

4. I was speaking to a friend on the phone when somebody stole my i-pod.

While I was speaking to a friend on the phone, somebody stole my i-pod.

5. We were getting ready for the picnic when it started to rain.

While we were getting ready for the picnic, it started to rain.

22 Responses to “SIMPLE PAST & PAST CONTINUOUS (while-when)”

  1. David fernández Says:

    hello. Well, I learned we must use “while” to mean two actions or more ones are happening in the meantime. For example: I was litening to music while my mom was cooking.And we must use “when” to mean an action is interrupted for another one. For example: I was coming out when it began to rain. What do you think?

  2. admin Says:

    As you said we use “while” with past continuous. However, it is possible to use “when” with past continuous tense. We usually use “while” with past continuous. I mean it is not a rule not to use “when” with past continuous.

  3. Seher Kurtulus Says:

    Thank you for your exercises. They are useful, not very difficult.

  4. nCHO Says:


  5. Seher Kurtulu? Says:

    we did that exercisez in the class and before the English exam .Really those are so useful to our learn
    Thank you …

  6. berra su toprak Says:

    thank you=D

  7. isminur Says:

    te?ekkürler yaz?l?ya çal??mak için süper bi?ey

  8. clara desuare Says:

    thank u so mach

  9. Ashlee Franko Says:

    You are very good.Thanks.

  10. laura Says:

    gracias me parecio super sacare 5 en el quiz de mañana

  11. Fabiola Fahl Says:

    Incridible story admin. You just help my homework for next exam Thanks admin

  12. sneha Says:

    thanks!they are very good and help a lot in preparation

  13. lisa Says:

    hello…it is very good..:)thank you…:):)

  14. Soso Says:

    you said the we use while befor the past continous tens but I have some sentences with the past tense
    Joe and Rita listened to music while they stidied.
    we have here past tense after whlie ???
    please tell me

  15. junkle Says:

    ? happy

  16. sagopa Says:

    HaPPy ThaNK YOu

  17. rapzede Says:

    ohhhh than youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  18. allessandro Says:

    Thanks.the test was very simple.You should ask more difficult because I have a test tomorrow :(

  19. seda Says:

    çoook te?ekürler lerinize sa?l?k

  20. Yusuf TEKTAS Says:

    I made use of this exercise in my class for 8th grade students.. Thank you for your contribution..

  21. sema Says:

    yha bn yapam?yom bunlar? :s

  22. matius Says:

    balem monda todos…..
    no sean bocones….

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