Present Perfect Tense with just, already, yet

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Fill in the blanks with just, already or yet.

1) I want to watch TV, but I haven’t finished writing the sales report ___________.

2) A: Where is Taner?

B: He has __________ arrived. He is having a shower.

3) Have you seen the new film of Demi Moore __________?

4) I don’t want to eat anything. I’ve ___________eaten two cheeseburgers.

5) Although they’re playing very well, they haven’t scored a goal _________.

6) Look! He has __________crashed that lorry.

KEY: 1.yet  2. just  3. yet  4. already  5. yet  6.just

6 Responses to “Present Perfect Tense with just, already, yet”

  1. gloria Ñungo Says:

    Excellent to learn and practice. Thank you so much.

  2. Eve Says:

    thx 4 this exercise . it is very good.

  3. turkish Says:

    thank you very much.very well:)

  4. goku SS 5 Says:

    nice one but i wanted a little more questions.

  5. swith wich Says:

    You have a very helpful thank you very much …

  6. Lara Says:

    Thank you. I’m from Argentina and this exercises help me so much. :)

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