FUTURE TIME CLAUSES ( when, before, after, as soon as, until )


Read the example sentences


When I finish writing the reports, I will go out with my friends.

She will move to ?zmir when she finds a good job.

When the party is over, we’ll clean the house.


Before I go to Bodrum, I’ll book a room.

Murat will visit all his relatives before he joins the army.

They won’t transfer any players before they sign the advertising agreement.


After her sister prepares dinner, they’ll invite their neighbours.

My father will buy a new car after he saves enough money.

What will you do after you finish the French course?


They will go to the beach as soon as they have their breakfast.

All the players in the national team will go on holiday as soon as the Europian Championship is over.

Don’t worry mom. I will phone you as soon as I arrive Paris.


You can go out. I will wait until she calls.

They won’t start the match until the rain stops.

I won’t buy anything new until I pay all my debts.


If I go home early tonight, I will watch the Olympic Games.

Tar?k will buy a new TV set if the prices goes down.

If you pass the test, what will you do?


when, after, before, as soon as, until, if are followed by SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE.

Main clauses in these sentences are followed by future ‘will’.


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs.

1) When the manager _____________ ( arrive ), they _______________ ( start ) the meeting.

2) If he _____________ ( reach ) the sales target this year, the company ____________ ( award ) him.

3) We _______________ ( start ) the construction of a shooping center as soon as the government __________( allow ) us to begin.

4) After she __________ ( find ) a good house in Karşıyaka, she_______________ ( buy ) some new furniture.

5) If Alex _______________ ( feel ) better at the weekend, he _______________ ( play ) in the match against Milan.

6) I will have to finish the reports before the manager _______________ ( call ).

7) She _______________( eat ) anything until the doctor_______________( tells ) her to eat.

KEY: 1. arrives / will start  2. reaches / will award  3. will start / allows  4. finds / will buy  5. feels / will play  6. calls  7. won’t eat / tells

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  2. there is an error in the sentence “if the prices goes down”. It would be better to say “if the prices go down”

  3. thank you so much, but i was wondering:
    can we say this instead?
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    this is the future expressed by going to form.

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